Preschool Petty Theft

This has been one crazy, awesome weekend. I visited my girlfriend this past weekend and am now on my way back south as we speak. That is also why I haven’t posted any new entries.

I arrived in Northern CA at 10:10 AM Saturday like I normally do with that route. I am now becoming a regular on this path from Southern to Northern CA and back. I have started recognizing bus drivers, security, customers, but that may just be the blend of faces that look familiar. There tend to be the same group of people always on these trains and buses. The main thing everyone has in common (including myself) is that we all look half awake. It’s always night when I travel. Smoke (cigarette and pot) is more abundant than oxygen, but that’s everyone’s try at staying warm. I try to pack light but this time I have my huge, black duffle bag, a Nordstrom’s paper shopping bag and my tote. I probably shouldn’t have brought 7 books back with me to school, but when I get an idea in my head it likes to stick. And I “needed” to get books in that moment. I grabbed (already owned): Mirror Mirror by the author who wrote Wicked, Sophie’s Choice, The Notebook (forced upon me by the girlfriend), a collection of Sylvia Plath poems, The Beautiful and the Damned by the man who wrote Gatsby, and Cat’s Eye aka my bible.

I arrived at the train station early in the morning. Whenever I lay eyes on her, I am the happiest I’ve ever been. I can recognize her car by the prayer beads swinging from the car mirror. I have a matching set in my apartment. We fly back to her place quick and dump all my stuff. We eat lunch at one of our favorites, Mel’s Diner. The conversation was lively and energetic. I couldn’t shut up. She was smiling so wide. We headed off to a nearby city after to go exploring. However, this town did not match the idea of exploring she had in her head. I was content walking up and down the streets, looking at statues and murals and windows of family owned stores. She found it dull and lifeless. I had a feeling this would happen, so we headed back to her apartment. On the way, I saw what I thought was a kite hanging from a chain-linked fence of a preschool. I pulled over and told her to take the kite. I thought it would be fun to fly a kite since the wind was so wild that day. We found out it wasn’t a kite but some sort of decoration. She took another decoration instead and ran back to the car. I do feel bad that I stole from a preschool (the little fence decoration), but it was such a rush and exciting.

That began our mini-stealing spree throughout that area. We took a political sign, balloons, an open house sign, a street cone, a security sign and an American flag lawn ordainment. I’m not proud of taking stuff that isn’t mine, but it was exciting and rebellious and wild. I’m used to being such a good, well-mannered child. She brings out the hooligan in me and I love that.

After we went to a little arcade and played the games and did the batting cages. We gave our tickets to a family with two little ones because we weren’t satisfied with any prizes under 200 tickets. We grabbed some dinner at Chili’s after we had wasted 20 dollars on games. I ordered my first adult beverage – a strawberry daiquiri. I wasn’t carded. I must just look old, or give off a mature presence. I didn’t complain. It makes me feel dangerous, getting away with it, even though I am of age.

We were literally dragging our bodies to the car, back to her place and to her room. We were dead exhausted. We thought to finish off the night with a nice dip in the hot tub in her apartment complex (aka make out in all the steam), but we got kicked out after 5 minutes in. I guess it closes at 10 PM. We ran back in our towels and frozen bodies and collapsed onto the floor of her room. We made it into a nest of blankets and pillows. Her bed is really small, and I broke it a couple months ago. It was nothing scandalous; I ran and jumped on it and the wood beam underneath cracked. So we make due with the floor so we can cuddle together.

That wraps up Saturday. 

Weekend of awesomeness: Part 1 


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