Monthly Archives: February 2013

Preschool Petty Theft

This has been one crazy, awesome weekend. I visited my girlfriend this past weekend and am now on my way back south as we speak. That is also why I haven’t posted any new entries. I arrived in Northern CA at 10:10 AM Saturday like I normally do with that route. I am now becoming […]


         I never meant to contort my reality into what it has become today. My stare zooms in and out like a vintage camera attempting to catch the clarity. My thoughts talk to me instead of me thinking them. My body cannot understand certain commands or ordinary occurrences. I don’t think it […]

The Painting Comes To Me As If In A Dream

I have a section of wall space in my bedroom in my current apartment about the span of my arms bordered by two doors on either side. Above each door are flower photos from a dollar store calendar with inspiring words like “visualize” and “clarity.” Hanging between the doors is a string of Tibetan prayer […]

Which is Boundless

“And if we forgive life for not being what we told it to be, or expected, or wished, or longed for it to be, we forgive ourselves for not being what we might have been also. And then we can be what we are, which is boundless.” I read this in a passage of another […]

Knit One, Purl One

All I’ve done this weekend is knit and watch Lord of the Rings, and I honestly see nothing wrong with this. I go through phases with my hobbies (and mostly everything else in my life); once upon a time I loved to knit and did it constantly. Now I’m back into it. I finished a […]


Side Note: After writing my entry on self-harm, I’ve had a hard time writing the next entry. What do you write after that? I didn’t want to just abandon my blog so soon after beginning it. It would just be me running away from my feelings again. That’s why I can never keep a journal. […]

Don’t Not Pick the Flowers

When I hit my peak of depression in July of 2012, I began a partial hospitalization program in Sacramento. For the first two weeks, I was there from 8am to 3 pm, 5 days a week. It lessened from that point until 2 months had passed and I “graduated” (got kicked out). Like almost everyone […]