I apologize for no posts lately! Finals are destroying my soul 😛 Will be back soon! 

Last Friday a graduate at UCI killed himself, jumped from the top of the Social Science parking structure. This has happened before. He did it though at 5:00 pm. In front of people. People were standing there at the entrance of the parking structure. He fell 6 stories. And hit the ground. And died.   […]

I saw the Hobbit tonight at the cheap theatre! I went with my two best friends and it was AMAZING. My roommate and I recently watched the whole trilogy so I was prepared. It was 3D also, which I used to be scared of when I was little. I love movies that take me into […]

I apologize for being so MIA lately. I just started taking Lithium.               Lithium: A naturally occurring salt that, in purified form, is used to treat certain psychiatric disorders, especially bipolar disease. The therapeutic level of lithium – the amount needed to treat bipolar disorders – is perilously close to the level that can […]

I’ve had a hard time writing lately. I’ve been experiencing a lot of perceptual disturbances, says my psychiatrist. Things move when I am still. If I stare at something too long, my thoughts can get locked on it and it feels as if I cannot look away or move. Because of this it messes up […]

This has been one crazy, awesome weekend. I visited my girlfriend this past weekend and am now on my way back south as we speak. That is also why I haven’t posted any new entries. I arrived in Northern CA at 10:10 AM Saturday like I normally do with that route. I am now becoming […]

         I never meant to contort my reality into what it has become today. My stare zooms in and out like a vintage camera attempting to catch the clarity. My thoughts talk to me instead of me thinking them. My body cannot understand certain commands or ordinary occurrences. I don’t think it […]